AE Naturals Barley Grass Powder 250g

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Barley Grass Powder 250g, Powders

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Barley is the oldest grain of times, nearly 8000 years old and barley grass powder is the first natural food supplement. It is a super food which helps you recover from many problems and diseases. It has 11 times more calcium than milk, it contains protein, iron, copper, selenium, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B12 vitamin C. It has been given a lot of importance in Ayurveda for its properties and miracle results.
• It the most efficient grain for increasing brain capacity
• High in energy. People suffering from weakness should consume it
• Keeps the body cool
• Instant energy
• Increases WBC and RBC in our blood
• Helps to treat kidney stones
• Weight loss
• Muscle builder
• Stops stomach burn ( Alsar )
• Controls cell damage and gives fairness
• Anti-oxidant
Barley grass has a number of health benefits associated with it including relief from ulcerative colitis and boosting the immune system. It also maintains healthy skin, rejuvenating effects on the entire body, and other positive effects. An abundance of protective antioxidants in barley grass makes it a wonder tonic.
How to use-
Take 1 teaspoon of Barley Grass Powder with lukewarm water or milk mix well and drink twice a day to gain better results.

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