Super Premium Non-Stick Aluminium Grill Sandwich Toaster, Gas Toaster (Black)

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Gas Toaster

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gas hand toaster is very helpful for every kitchen. With the help of STROBINE gas hand toaster you don’t have to worry if there is electricity or not, simply turn on your gas and make a crispy sandwich for breakfast, evening snacks and for dinner. The NIRLON gas hand toaster has benefit that it is nonstick, so it needs no or less oil and gives you healthy and low calorie food. You can easy clean it once you are done using it. The handles on the toaster are long and easy to hold on to. Sandwich made in STROBINE gas hand toaster tastes better than electric toaster.Capacity 1 Slices
Grill, Toast Sandwich Maker

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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm