Terms & Conditions for Vendors

These terms and conditions are part of Vendor Registration Form on our website https://vendor.greenmor.in and any user registered through this form expressly agrees  to these terms and conditions. These terms are subject to change from time to time without any notice and the Vendor may access the same on the above website. The website greenmor.in along with all the sub-domains is owned solely by Greenmor.


  1. The Vendor agrees to supply ordered goods to logistic partner designated by Greenmor to be delivered to Customer of Greenmor.
  2. The Vendor undertakes the responsibility of all the products supplied, for quality, built and warranty, in proper transport worthy packaging, as agreed expressly and in good faith.
  3. Vendor agrees to take back, with costs incurred, any item supplied that was not as per the order with respect to color, size or any other attribute mentioned in the order.
  4. Vendors also agrees to make good all the costs incurred in transporting to and from the customer, any item that was sent defective or in improper packaging which could result in damaging the item.
  5. Vendor agrees to take back with costs incurred , any item supplied with any manufacturing defect.
  6. If Vendor arranges for the courier at own cost with prior approval from Greenmor, he is required to add that cost to the invoice submitted along with courier details and tracking link. Greenmor will make the payment of for the courier charges along with the payment for the supply.
  7. Vendor should arrange for execution of warranty for all products under warranty. If such product is required to be brought back to Vendor’s service station, the cost of to and fro transportation will be borne by the Vendor.
  8. If the Vendor is supplying any product under a brand name, he must product proper authorization or ownership document for the brand.
  9. If any Vendor is found to be supplying any spurious or duplicate product, most stringent action will be taken against such vendor and he will be fully responsible for any cost or action arising out of such supply.
  10. Vendor is required to possess all relevant licenses required for manufacture/trade of items supplied by him.